Senior IOS developer 

We are looking for Senior/Lead IOS developer. If the following resonates with you, come join us for a coffee.

- You can collaborate and communicate well with people around you. Whether in person, over slack, through a pull request or by writing really clean code.

- You feel that you are constantly more concerned about user experience, high quality code, test driven development and rapid delivery than the people around you.

- You tend towards automating all the things. From tests to build scripts to containers to CI to infrastructure-as-code to really high quality instrumentation.

- You have real-world experience with most of the following approaches, architecture and processes: Eventual Consistency Event Driven Architecture, Continuous Delivery.

- You feel comfortable with the following technologies: IOS, Swift, GraphQL, Git.

- You can flesh out the technologies above with your preferred suite of tools and technologies, and can hold a solid conversation about your choices.