About us

Life is for sharing.

We want to help people improve their relationships with each other - and with money.

Kin is a collective of passionate individuals working together. We are a people business. The primary reason we come to work – our driving force – is to be a force for good. We come to work to pursue a purpose, which is simply: To foster better relationships. We want to improve people’s relationships with each other – and with money.

How we aim to do it

With our app, community and platform we aim to facilitate simple, helpful and smart solutions to dealing with the shared expenses that happen when we share life experiences.  

Whether planning ahead, splitting a bill or tracking or reconciling past expenses, Kin is designed to support hassle-free, easy transactions.

By helping people do money better together, we aim to improve their relationships with colleagues, shareholders, suppliers and ultimately, our kin: family, friends, and like-minded businesses.

A word on privacy

A guiding principle of kinship is trust. This means we respect and actively defend our users’ privacy. We will not use data for our own gain or in ways our users don’t want us to.

The founders & board

Christo Davel (co-founder)
Dennis Williams (co-founder)
Willem van Biljon