Talent we're looking for

TLDR: Wicked problem. Small, kick-ass team. All the resources you need to be excellent. Coffee.


Kin is an early stage startup with funding, founded by people who built 20twenty in the early noughties and 22seven in the early tens.

We’re currently a small team, app and community that helps people be smarter with money, together. We have very big ambitions and joining us now will mean having a big influence on what Kin becomes as it grows.

Our open-plan offices are in Cape Town’s East City Precinct, upstairs from Truth Coffee on Buitenkant Street.


  • You want to work on something that can make a difference to people.

  • You have a strong sense of ownership and accountability.

  • You care deeply (maybe to the point of it being a problem) about customer experiencehigh quality worktest driven and rapid delivery.

  • You like automating things.

  • You can communicate with the humans.




Senior IOS Developer

You feel that you are constantly more concerned about user experience...


We are looking for Senior/Lead IOS developer. If the following resonates with you, come join us for a coffee.

- You can collaborate and communicate well with people around you. Whether in person, over slack, through a pull request or by writing really clean code.

- You feel that you are constantly more concerned about user experience, high quality code, test driven development and rapid delivery than the people around you.

- You tend towards automating all the things. From tests to build scripts to containers to CI to infrastructure-as-code to really high quality instrumentation.

- You have real-world experience with most of the following approaches, architecture and processes: Eventual Consistency Event Driven Architecture, Continuous Delivery.

- You feel comfortable with the following technologies: IOS, Swift, GraphQL, Git.

- You can flesh out the technologies above with your preferred suite of tools and technologies, and can hold a solid conversation about your choices.

Senior IOS developer