We want to solve a problem as old as people and money: People and money.

Most of us are pretty bad with money. Most of us are worse when it comes to doing money with others. And that’s the worst for relationships.  

Those are pretty mammoth problems to solve. Some days we’re frightened witless by the challenges. Sometimes we feel crazy to believe we can succeed. But mostly we think: What if we can? What if we do? How big a difference will we make in people’s lives? That’s worth getting out of bed for.

And, actually, we think we might be onto something.


A super-bodacious, realistic, expialidocious idea to work on.

We want to help people do money better together, because it’ll help them do relationships better.

And we believe the best way to get better with money is together: by sharing experiences and learning from others.

People are already doing this in lots of ways, every day - connecting with communities, offering ideas, finding new knowledge. Social networks have transformed the way people engage around so many things - but not money. At least, not yet. 

Connecting through technology is like calling on a genie: it can help us find creative new solutions to unsolved old problems. So we’re designing a network where people can get the magic out of the lamp; where they can come to do all kinds of money things better, together. 

The Kin app is our first, small step on that journey.


A connected, human, open, extraordinary place to work in.

As the saying goes, you can’t do things the same way and expect different results.

That’s why we’re finding a new way to help people do money better. To do that, we’re also forging different ways of working better. We’re shaping a business that the best people will want to work with, and can do their best work in.

If you’re interested in being part of it, find out who we’re looking for here.