Five reasons why I trust my friends with (good) tattoos with my money more than my virgin skinned mates


Getting a tattoo isn’t like cutting your hair or getting your nipple pierced. While these can be dramatic, they aren’t permanent, don’t require hours of sustained pain and don’t have the potential to cost the same as a small well priced second-hand car. They also don’t need anyone to get super vulnerable about their dreams for the future, regrets about the past or general sense of mortality.

Getting a good tattoo is all of these things.

Lend money to these people. Always. (Image from  Ben_Kerckx  at Pixabay)

Lend money to these people. Always. (Image from Ben_Kerckx at Pixabay)

To be clear - I am not talking about a shitty drunken-night out Chinese-symbol-of-trust tat on your ass. I am talking about a considered piece of body art that expresses something about who you are or what you believe. Whether that's surviving cancer, getting sober, becoming a parent or just the sheer delight of being alive.

The great tattoo is an expression of an excellent relationship - between the artist and their client, the ink and the flesh, the image and the mind.

Anyone who has the ability to create or receive a beautiful (in the very broadest sense of that word) tattoo - is someone I want to do money things with. For the following reasons:

We can commit: Tattoos, for the most part, are for life. I only want to do money things with people who I trust can make a call on what they want for the long term and make it happen.

We can stay with some discomfort: Money matters, from sharing a house, saving for a holiday to deciding what kind of car to buy can be super uncomfortable, sometimes painful and even end in tears. People with tattoos have proven they can deal with this. They’ve got stamina and resilience. All good life skills.

We can get vulnerable: Getting a full back tattoo of Odin hanging upside down from his tree to celebrate your Nordic heritage and commemorate the death of your father is vulnerability in action. Inking the face of your beloved pet who just passed away on your calf puts your pain, your love and your story out there for all to see. I can totally get with that kind of emotional openness. These are people I want to share my money with.

We can get over it: Unconsidered yin-yang tattoo on your wrist or arb Daffy Duck on your left breast? Yeah - not a great choice but we get over it. Occasionally we do a design over it but mostly just accept that the tattoo represents who we were then and as ever-evolving humans, it's all part of the journey. Getting over stuff without resentment, shame or regret is a number one quality in a money partner.

They can make a financial plan: Tattoos are expensive! It takes planning, saving and financial agility to get the tattoo of your dreams. Also, all great life skills.

For these reasons, I am more likely to do money things with my tattooed tribe than my virgin-skinned friends. Because it’s not really about the money, it’s about the things we can do with money, and being with people who can make a plan, move through discomfort, get soft and open and commit for the long term - these are qualities I want in my money-kin. Because this way - we get to have the most fun.

Sarah Rice is learning about money, relationships and tattoos.
She also happens to be part of the Kin team.

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