Doing money together?
Do it better.

We want to help people improve their relationships with each other - and with money.

The beta Kin app is our first step towards doing money better together.



The Kin app


Create groups: For rent, trips, meals – or anything you do with anyone.


Add expenses: Plan what you will spend, and track what you’ve already spent.


See what’s owed: Know who you need to pay and get paid by, and how much.


Pay and get paid: Settle with others in the group, securely and easily inside the app.



"The app looks bloody awesome! I love the colour scheme, the simplicity, the little touches with swipes, animations etc without going overboard. The navigation is really straightforward, the icons are generally intuitive. Overall it's really crisp, clean and when I wanted to do a certain action, it was possible at the first location I looked."


“Looking really nice, and it also works really slickly. It was a good on-boarding process too - I never felt lost. I was feeling anxiety that I may need to invite somebody - but it turned out not to be the case, where I can add others to the group without needing them to actually be in the group themselves. Well done on that!”


"I love the nudge to request money - this is one of my favourite things - and I love the fact that I can use emoticons as expenses."



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We're looking forward to you helping us make Kin better, together.

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